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A wide range of wetsuits and surfboards

We have a wide range of wetsuits and surfboards to fit all shapes and sizes.
You can rent either board, wetsuit or both for 2 hours. To rent equipment you will need to sign off on our terms and conditions (on display at the beach) and leave something on the beach as a deposit (credit card, car keys, etc). The rental equipment must be kept at Glosh beach. This means that you will not go out in dangerous conditions by yourself. Persons under the age of 16 cannot rent equipment without a parent or guardian present on the beach.
Prices are as follows for 2-hour rental:
€15 for board only
€10 for wetsuit only
€20 for both board and wetsuit

Please be aware that rentals are dependent on the weather conditions and the person having some surfing experience (i.e.: taken at the least a beginner surf lesson).

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